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The Day Love Died (the day I died too)
                        -Angie McConnell

I never thought I'd want you so bad,
I never knew it would hurt to see you go,
When you said goodbye,
I tried not to cry,
Our everlasting love,
Has fallen apart,
You broke my heart,
I wanted to die.

Now I feel as though love has turned it's back on me,
I died that day,
No strength to keep on living,
Shattered is my heart,
The pieces, scattered on the floor,
No one there, to help pick them up,
Love is not a game you play,
It is a living thing,
Love grows,
Love dies,
Two hearts, brought it into this world,
One heart alone, killed it,
I died that day,
The day you let go,
My heart lies broken, in your hands.